Derby Timer™ Single Lane Track Timer

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A single lane Derby Timer is perfect for a basement or garage test track, to test and tune your cars prior to a race event!

Derby Timer is designed to be an affordable but fully featured single lane timer, that can be expanded with add-on lanes for multi-lane tracks.

Even with one lane, every run is a race!

Each run is compared to the previous run, and place is shown (1st or 2nd), along with time differential.

(Here is a video I made a while ago with my son, using a pre-production model.  Shipping units have some minor cosmetic differences, and do not show time until after the car finishes; but have much higher timing precision.) 

Derby Timer Hardware Features:

  • 1/2500 (0.0004) second precision
    • 1/1000s on display, 1/2500 on USB Serial
  • Bright 1" Place Digit Display
  • 4 Digit Lane Time Display at .56"
  • Potential to add lanes later
  • Powered by USB (PC and/or phone charger not included)
  • Serial USB connection at no extra cost
  • FCC Class B Tested/Compliant Device

What's Included with Derby Timer?

  • Derby Timer Finish Line
  • Under track mount sensors
  • 15' USB Cable
  • Magnetic starting gate switch (GATE NOT one suited to your track)
  • 50' starting gate wire

What NOT included with Derby Timer™?

  1. USB power supply...use a 500ma+ cell phone charger, or a PC.
  2. Starting a gate suited to your particular track.  The (included) gate proximity switch can be screwed or glued on.
  3. Event management software...Derby Timer includes as text based PC interface that can be accessed through a COM port, with software like TerraTerm, or GrandPrix Race Manager Pro.  Derby Timer is great, stand-alone, without any PC software required.

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