Sensor Mount Kit - BestTrack™

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Kit includes sensor mounting hardware for "direct to hole mounting" for 4 lanes of BestTrack™ Track.  The screws can mount directly to the underside of the track on the slots created by the center guides.

If you want to make this "kit" yourself, each lane requires:

  • 6-32 x 3/8" Philips Pan Head Machine Screws (Quantity: 2)
  • 3/16" x 1/2" Rubber Washers (Quantity: 4)


  • Link the sensors together with the ribbon cables...some of the connections will be hard to access once mounted.  The connector for the controller will be's an awkward connection, but easier than some of the others will be.
  • The lane sensor screw slots will be sandwiched between two rubber washers, and screwed into the slot created by the lane guides.
  • Position each sensor, as shown in the below photos, so that the led hole is visible through the large timer hole on the track.
  • Very carefully screw the sensor down, until not over-tighten.